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Hey there, adventure seekers and lovebirds!

Welcome to a realm where your intimate moments transform into vivid, unforgettable tales. I'm not just your Lake Tahoe-based photographer—consider me your professional third wheel, always ready to journey wherever love beckons.

Picture this: Your love story unfolds against the backdrop of Lake Tahoe's breathtaking beauty, or perhaps it takes us to distant landscapes where your connection truly shines. I thrive on capturing the raw, unfiltered essence of your love—the stolen glances, the laughter, and those moments that words struggle to describe.

While Lake Tahoe is my home, I'm not bound by borders. I'm ready to travel wherever your love story unfolds, weaving a narrative that's uniquely yours. Let's embark on this adventure together, creating timeless memories that speak volumes.

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Elopement + Intimate Wedding & Adventurous Couple elopement & Intimate Wedding Photographer based in Lake Tahoe, CA

Exploring together, forever

Allow me to alleviate some of that burden by serving as your photographer, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience.

I'm Kendall!

Hey Friends,

Your newest adventure partner & your biggest fan. 

I'm not just your elopement photographer—I'm your go-to guru, legal wingman, and expedition architect. Born and raised in Lake Tahoe, with CPR certification and a teaching role in the Wilderness Program at Lake Tahoe Community College, I bring safety and expertise to your special day.

Let me be your trailblazing guide, predicting the weather and, if you wish, even serving as the officiant. With my local roots and backcountry leadership experience, your celebration will be both flawless and secure. 

I'm committed to orchestrating a seamless and all-encompassing experience for your elopement journey, leaving no stone unturned in crafting the perfect fucking celebration of your love story.

What you need

Just You and your better half!! 

Let's elope amidst mountain tops and desert rocks, and bask in the vastness of the view as our love flourishes.

Okay, Maybe you need to bring hiking boots and your dress! 

Damn right, that's the deal! I handle everything in planning your day, with a little help from you—just show up, get ready, and let's make it the best damn day of your lives!

What's included

WHo am I

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Adventure Elopement?

You are seeking to break through the boundaries of traditional weddings, craving an unmatched adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and elopements deliver just that!

You are longing to capture your authentic self, reveling in what brings you unfiltered joy, in a place you truly adore, alongside the person who holds your heart, and elopements offer you that chance.

You are wanting a wedding experience that is deeply meaningful, authentic, and tailored to your vision and desires, and elopements grant couples the freedom to design just that.

You're craving a celebration that's as unique as you are, elopements break free from the ordinary, letting you weave in activities that shout out your passions. It's your adventure, your story, uniquely and authentically you.

You are craving an electrifying escape, a chance to immerse yourself fully in the unbridled love and connection you share. Elopements bring that moment to life, an exhilarating celebration crafted just for you to revel in and cherish your extraordinary bond!


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You are an outdoor enthusiast, a wonderlust filled travel lover who seeks a thrilling adventure.

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Let's go, thrill seeker

Not your typical photographer. Not your typical love story. Discover the magic through their words.


I'm f*cking stoked to dive into your dream day, capturing your love in the heart of the wilderness, high above the world, or amidst the roaring sea smashing against the cliffs.