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Growing up a Lake Tahoe local is nothing short of a damn privilege. This slice of paradise, tucked away in the arms of nature's grandeur, has been my damn playground, my well of inspiration, and the very soul of my photography. Every day, I've had the kick-ass fortune to witness the mind-blowing spectacle of this stunning region.

Picture this: crystal-clear lakes, shimmering under the endless blue sky, reflecting the towering peaks like ancient sentinels. Majestic forests, their emerald canopies rustling with the symphony of leaves, holding centuries of secrets. It's a world where nature itself is an artist, painting masterpieces in every single direction you look.

These jaw-dropping landscapes? They're not just postcard pictures; they're my backyard, my playground, and the canvas for my damn creative vision. Every time I step outdoors, I'm hit with the unstoppable beauty that surrounds me, and I feel this irresistible urge to capture these moments with my camera.

Diving into photography was anything but conventional; it was a damn serendipitous collision of two epic passions that flipped my life upside down. It all kicked off with an unshakeable fascination for the great outdoors—sunsets, sunrises, hidden trails, and the unexplored corners of the world seduced me with an irresistible allure.

I embarked on countless adventures, each one stoking the flames of my adventurous spirit and opening up endless opportunities to see the world through the lens of my trusty camera. Whether I was chasing the last light of a breathtaking sunset or dragging my a** out of bed before dawn to capture the first rays of sunlight, the great outdoors became my muse and my freaking playground.

My belief is dang simple: the world around us is the most mind-blowing piece of art, and my mission is to capture its boundless beauty in every damn frame. Photography isn't just about snapping pictures; it's about preserving moments, emotions, and the awe-inspiring essence of the world. It's about revealing the hidden stories that nature whispers in the soft light of the golden hour and the secrets etched in the depths of a pristine forest.

Each click of my camera is a testament to the breathtaking landscapes I've been privileged to witness and a chance to share the magic of the world with others. With every photograph, my aim isn't just to show what I saw but to evoke the feelings, the wonder, and the profound connection I felt with nature.

So, here I am, your storyteller capturing the untamed beauty of the world, translating moments into memories, and preserving the enchanting stories that only nature can tell. With my camera in hand, I strive to reveal the soul of the great outdoors, to bring its artistry to life, and to share its endless marvels with you.

Join me on this remarkable journey as we explore the extraordinary and embark on adventures together. It's not just about photography; it's about celebrating the freaking art of our world.

My journey

I'm not just here to take pictures; I'm here to capture the essence of your love in its most unfiltered, badass form. This is not your grandmother's wedding album; this is a visual celebration of your rebellion against the ordinary. So, let's create some damn magic together. Your love, our lens – the perfect f*cking match.
Mission Statement:
My mission is to revolutionize elopements, transcending them from ordinary ceremonies into intentional canvases for weaving one-of-a-kind love sagas. Whether it's the summit of a mountain, the seclusion of a beach, or the heartbeat of a bustling city – elopements, to me, embody the celebration of love on your terms, by your rules. Through my lens, I become the storyteller, capturing the raw, the surreal, and the untouched, transforming love stories into visual masterpieces that resonate with authenticity and emotion.

Authenticity: Capturing the unfiltered essence of love stories, showcasing the beauty of genuine connections.Empowering couples to celebrate their love in unconventional and unrestrained ways.

Adventure: Infusing a spirit of exploration and excitement into every elopement, ensuring each celebration is as unique as the couple it honors.

Individuality: Your elopement is as unique as your love story. We celebrate the beauty in the quirks, the unconventional, and the personal details that make your day truly one-of-a-kind.

Fearlessness: We are not just photographers; we are your partners in adventure. Whether it's scaling a mountain or dancing in the rain, we fearlessly chase moments that reflect the depth of your connection.


Elopement Advocacy: I'm on a mission to shatter the damn norm, shouting from the rooftops that elopements matter and can be a kick-ass empowering choice. It's not about the size of the celebration; it's about the magnitude of the love we share.

Surreal Captures: My goal is to transport you to the most surreal and untouched corners of the world through my lens. I want your photos to not just tell a story but to kickstart that wanderlust and awe in your soul.

Adventure Partnership: Beyond photography, I'm here to be your ultimate adventure partner. Whether we're planning an elopement on a cliffside or navigating through a damn forest, I'm right there with you, capturing the journey as it unfolds.

Emotional Time Capsules: I'm committed to creating visual time capsules that encapsulate the myriad of emotions shared on your special day. Each photo I take is a testament to the depth of your connection and the badass uniqueness of your love story.
Adventure is an art, and every elopement is a masterpiece waiting to be captured.

What makes us


This may be one of the biggest and meaningful word in photography. trusting a photographer with not only yourself but your family, loved one, or on your big day can be a huge deal. I ensure that with each session i take the time to get more than what you have been dreaming of.


I have been exploring the world of photography since i was able to pick up a camera. For years i have been photographing wildlife from coyotes, birds, and more until i found the love for working closely with people while giving them memories that last.


I have been exploring the world of photography since i was able to pick up a camera. For years i have been photographing wildlife from coyotes, birds, and more until i found the love for working closely with people while giving them memories that last.


From the moment you explore my website or we meet in person I not only want to work for you in making your photography dreams come true as well as with you. There is something to be said for going above and beyond what is expected and that is what i strive to do in every session.

Let the adventure begin!

You deserve a day that is dedicated to you and what you want to do 

a great match

May this be the start of a new friendship & creating moments that last

Let's Adventure Together

My dog. She's not just a pet; she's an inseparable part of my adventurous life and an integral member of my photography journey. Her presence transforms ordinary outdoor experiences into extraordinary adventures. Together, we've explored the wild places, run along endless beaches, and conquered towering mountain peaks.

She's the one who continually reminds me to stay spontaneous and to wholeheartedly embrace the thrill of the unknown. Whether we're embarking on an impromptu backpacking trip or leisurely hiking through the dense forests surrounding Lake Tahoe, her enthusiasm is contagious. Her boundless energy and love for the great outdoors mirror my own, making each adventure all the more unforgettable.

Our shared passion for exploration and outdoor escapades has resulted in a remarkable collection of images capturing the essence of our journeys together. Through my lens, I've encapsulated the moments of joy, freedom, and unadulterated happiness that she brings to our adventures. The authenticity of these moments, where she's reveling in the purest form of wild joy, adds an extra layer of authenticity to my photography.

She's a muse who reminds me to always seek out new horizons and cherish the journey, not just the destination. The spontaneity that she infuses into our explorations often leads to unexpected encounters, hidden gems, and, of course, extraordinary photographs.

Now, let's talk about my most reliable and cherished sidekick:

Life Beyond The Lens

When I'm not behind the camera capturing timeless moments for my clients, I'm indulging in my love for adventure sports. You'll often find me strapping on my backpack, ready to conquer the wilderness.

White-Water Rafting: My love for white-water rafting runs deep, stemming from cherished family trips that have evolved into yearly traditions exploring various rivers. We dedicate an entire week to these adventures, and recently, we've taken to camping alongside the river, allowing us to cover more miles. Among the rivers we've conquered, the Rogue River holds a special place in my heart, although the Deschutes River is a close second. My passion for white-water rafting led me to complete white-water rafting guide school in 2019 and achieve my Swift Water Rescue Advance certification in spring of 2023.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering: The breathtaking landscapes of Lake Tahoe provide an ideal playground for rock climbing and bouldering enthusiasts like me. Whether I'm scaling the rugged faces of imposing mountains or delving into the intricacies of bouldering problems, it's a passion that sets my soul on fire. The challenge isn't limited to the physical realm; it's a mental puzzle, a test of my problem-solving abilities, all while being enveloped in the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature. Lake Tahoe, with its wealth of climbing opportunities, is the ultimate backdrop for these thrilling adventures, each ascent a new chapter in my love affair with the outdoors. Its also a short drive to Bishop, CA a climbers playground.

But wait, my outdoor adventures don't stop there!
I'm an all-around enthusiast when it comes to embracing the great outdoors. Whether it's casting my line into a pristine lake or ocean, conquering winding mountain bike trails, or catching waves while wake surfing, you can bet I'm always up for an outdoor escapade.

As if that's not enough, I hold a B.A. in Adventure Education, which basically translates to being a certified Bad Ass in Adventure. That means I'm ready to tackle the most epic treks and adventures you've been dreaming of, and I'm not just there to tag along – I'm here to capture those incredible moments that make your adventures unforgettable.

My passion for adventure has taken me beyond Lake Tahoe, including living in Germany and exploring various corners of the world. So, if you're in need of a partner who can hang on through long treks and exciting escapades, all while preserving those cherished moments with the click of my camera, you've found your gal!

Let's turn your outdoor dreams into unforgettable memories together.

Backpacking & Hiking: In the heart of Lake Tahoe's pristine wilderness, I find solace and exhilaration in backpacking and hiking. There's nothing quite like strapping on a loaded backpack, setting out on winding trails, and immersing myself in the serene beauty of the great outdoors. The surrounding forests, towering peaks, and crystal-clear lakes serve as a magnificent stage for my adventures. With every step, I embrace the call of the wild, relishing in the rhythm of the hike and the wonders of discovery that await at every turn. These outdoor escapes fuel my spirit, and I've explored numerous trails, each offering a unique perspective on the stunning landscapes that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Over the years, my love for backpacking and hiking has taken me on unforgettable journeys. I've trekked through miles of pristine wilderness, including a remarkable 60-mile adventure in a single trek. But my thirst for exploration doesn't end there. My dream is to conquer the famous Tahoe Rim Trail, covering an impressive 175 miles of breathtaking terrain, and eventually tackle the legendary Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) as well. The prospect of these epic adventures inspires me to keep pushing my limits and venture even further into the wild.

In the winter, I eagerly embrace the mountains' transformation as they become a snow-covered wonderland. It's split boarding season, and I can't wait to venture into the backcountry where untouched slopes beckon. With my split board in tow, I'm geared up and prepared to make my mark on the pristine snowscape. There's something truly magical about exploring the winter wilderness on a split board, seeking out those hidden powder stashes and carving fresh tracks in the deep snow. It's an exhilarating way for me to connect with nature while indulging my passion for adventure. The quiet serenity of the snowy backcountry is a world of its own, and I find solace and inspiration in its untamed beauty.

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